composer / musician / producer / co-founder of IONA


Perhaps best known for his work with the pioneering UK based Celtic folk/rock/ambient band IONA, which he co-founded in 1989 with David Fitzgerald, Dave's multi-faceted career as a musician, composer, arranger, improviser, producer and engineer has led him into many musical genres and work with numerous artists including; Troy Donockley, Jack Bruce, Buddy Guy, Gloria Gaynor, Mae McKenna, Moya Brennan, 'Snake' Davis, Paul Jones, Pete Brown, Phil Keaggy, Bryn Haworth, Graham Kendrick, Fenton Robinson, Lurrie Bell, Louisiana Red, The All Soul's Orchestra, The Emperor String Quartet, The St Edmundsbury Boys Choir, Sheila Walsh, Adrian Snell, Emiko Shiratori, Robert Fripp, Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo / Steve Hackett Band), Martin Smith & Stuart Garrard (of Delirious) and many others.

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Celestial Fire Now Available!

The follow up to Dave's much acclaimed first solo album 'Veil of Gossamer' is in some ways an album he's always wanted to make. " album which really draws upon the excitement and exhilaration I first felt, listening to many of my early musical heros (Yes, Gentle Giant, David Sancious and Tone, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Curved Air, Hatfield and The North, Deep Purple, Clannad, Mike Oldfield, The Enid, Keith Emerson, Allan Holdsworth, Alan Stivell, Ralph Vaughan-Williams to name but a few!). It was listening to all these great musicians and composers that first inspired me to become a musician and composer".

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